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  • We Provide Total Freight Solution

  • Clearing and Forwarding

  • Air Cargo Transport

Welcome to DS Freight Logictics

DS Freight Logictics is committed to providing cost effective logistics services. DS Freight Logistics has over the years established a solid reputation in service delivery such as GSA, general logistics, clearing and forwarding, air freight, sea freight and door-to-door services over the years through hard work and dedication.

Using latest technology available, DS Freight ensure the most accurate, expedient, economical, and safest transport of all your cargo and goods all over the world.

Our Core Services

Air Cargo Services


We provide highly flexible and professional air cargo services to meet your specific requirements.

Our carrier choice is based on trust, allowing customers to operate with schedule on all the world’s major routes for agreater efficiency.

Clearing & Forwarding


We are experts in clearing and forwarding with the needed speed.

One of our specialties is to ensure timely deliveries and making sure all deliveries arrive in good condition at all times.

Packaging Services


At DS Freight Logistics, we are most focus on getting your packages ready and delivered safely to the destination in the fastest time possible.

We undertake large and heavy deliveries to all regions in Ghana, West Africa and the sub-region at the most cost effective price.

Door-to-Door Services


We offer the most compresive, fast, secure and time-sensitive door-to-door delivery services across Ghana, Africa and worldwide. Deliveries are 100% secure, and we focus on getting your packages to the destination in the fastest time possible.

As well as tracking, our specialized customer service team will provide you with proof of delivery via any method of communication which is convenient for you.

Sea Freight


We will ensure your shipment receives all the attention it deserves to ensure that you obtain clearance and delivery in a timely and cost effective manner.

Whether it is the processing and clearance of import documentation or preparing bills of lading for export shipments we will ensure that our attention to detail will provide the seamless transit of your goods.



Our focus is maily to provide a best services, beginning-to-end solutions that turns ideas into actions and actions into real-world advantages for our customers.